Reference Manual - 1.0.0
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IFusionSound Main FusionSound interface.
IFusionSoundBuffer Static sound buffer for playback of smaller samples.
IFusionSoundStream Streaming sound buffer for playback of large files or real time data.
IFusionSoundPlayback Advanced playback control for static sound buffers.
IFusionSoundMusicProvider Rendering music data into a stream.


FMBufferCallbackResult Result of a FMBufferCallback.
FSBufferDescription The buffer description is used to create static sound buffers.
FSBufferDescriptionFlags Each buffer description flag validates one field of the buffer description.
FSBufferPlayFlags Flags for simple playback using IFusionSoundBuffer::Play().
FSDeviceDescription Description of the sound device.
FSMusicProviderCapabilities Information about an IFusionSoundMusicProvider.
FSMusicProviderPlaybackFlags Flags controlling playback of a music provider.
FSMusicProviderStatus Information about the status of a music provider.
FSPlaybackDirection Direction of a playback.
FSSampleFormat The sample format is the way of storing audible information.

16, 24 and 32 bit samples are always stored in native endian. This keeps the library and applications simple and clean. Always access sample buffers like arrays of 8, 16 or 32 bit integers depending on the sample format, unless data is written with endianness being taken care of. This does not excuse from endian conversion that might be necessary when reading data from files.
FSSoundDriverInfo Description of the sound driver.
FSStreamDescription The stream description is used to create streaming sound buffers.
FSStreamDescriptionFlags Each stream description flag validates one field of the stream description.
FSTrackCallback Called for each track provided by a music provider.
FSTrackDescription Description of a track provided by a music provider.


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