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DirectFB EGL 2013-10-07

DirectFB's EGL United (PDF)

DirectFB Foreseeing 2013-10-07

The future of DirectFB (PDF)

Application Management with ilixi and SaWMan

DirectFB at ALS 2012 (PDF)


Secure multi process DirectFB (PDF)

QtDirectFB Summit

Slides from the Qt Contributor's Summit DirectFB Talk (PDF)

Water Rendering

Water Rendering API (introduction) (PDF)

Writing DirectFB Graphics Drivers

Writing DirectFB Graphics Drivers (ELC 2008) (PDF)


Split Application Architecture incl. SaWMan (ELC 2007) (PPT)

Graphics Subsystem In An Embedded World

DirectFB at Embedded Linux Conference 2006 (misc)

DirectFB at CELF 2005

DirectFB at CELF 2005 (misc)

DirectFB at FOSDEM 2004

DirectFB at FOSDEM 2004 (misc)

GTK+ On Embedded Devices

GTK+ on Embedded Devices online .gz .bz2 / Documentation / Presentations