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2012-04-14   1.6.0 prerelease demo

Check out the demo video showing ilixi compositor and home screen with several applications!

Turn up your volume and please wait until the video has been prebuffered to achieve the best impression! (high bitrate, download)

The input events were generated by spooky (of DiVine) using this script and the C preprocessor (cpp).

This video is a live capture and has not been edited in any way!
Frames were dumped within DirectFB's X11 backend (using this patch) to tmpfs (RAM) with current timestamp, converted to fixed frame rate and encoded using ffmpeg including the brilliant Bach-Step audio track.

Look at the penguins running around 50Hz all the time even after starting all other applications!

Compositing is absolutely tearing free, applications run at the same maximum speed asynchrously synchronised with the compositor.

If you see tearing it's your video playback. Look at each frame in pause mode!

Up to ten DirectFB processes (plus spooky and bb) were running on an Intel Quad Core 3.4GHz CPU desktop (all software rendered) with 8GB of RAM to store the 4.6GB of PPM files.

You might think OK, this was running on a fast PC. Right, but it is all software rendered. So on an embedded device it should all be hardware accelerated and 1GHz CPU should be enough, even single core!

We will prove this by using Raspberry PI or other Broadcom hardware.

We've spent a lot of time to create this piece of art. The prerelease and demo images should be ready this month.

This demo runs accelerated on DirectFB supported embedded platforms. We will have it running on Mesa/DRM and Raspberry PI soon.

Feedback, ideas and help are very welcome.
Join us now!

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