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2012-06-14   First release of DirectFB 1.6 series!

This is the long awaited first release of the DirectFB 1.6 series.

It has lots of Secure Fusion updates, performance/security improvements, Compositor support, better Mesa support and initial Android support.

Please find in the download section the following releases:

  • DirectFB 1.6.0
  • DirectFB-examples 1.6.0
  • SaWMan 1.6.0
  • FusionDale 1.6.0
  • FusionSound 1.6.0
  • linux-fusion 8.10.1
  • flux 1.4.1

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Changes for DirectFB 1.6.0

New APIs

  • DWOP_STEREO_SIDE_BY_SIDE_HALF to have stereo output without changing buffers
  • Increase number of preallocated entries in DFBSurfaceDescription to 3
  • Add IDirectFBInputDevice::SetConfiguration() with DFBInputDeviceConfiguration featuring sensitivity setting
  • Add IDirectFBFont::GetDescription() to retrieve the font description with which the font had been created
  • Add IDirectFBWindow::SetGeometry() to set src and dst geometry in one call
  • Add supported HDMI signaling modes (all_framing) to DFBScreenEncoderDescription
  • Add DSOR_960_540 to DFBScreenOutputResolution
  • Add IDirectFBSurface::GetID() to retrieve the object id of the CoreSurface
  • Add IDirectFBSurface::AllowAccess() to allow other process identified by an executable name access to the surface in secure fusion mode
  • Add "primary-id" option for CreateSurface(PRIMARY)
  • Add IDirectFB::GetSurface(ID)
  • Add DFBSurfaceEventType with DSEVT_DESTROYED and DSEVT_UPDATE
  • Add DFBSurfaceEvent with type, surface_id and update region for left and right buffer
  • Add IDirectFBSurface::CreateEventBuffer, AttachEventBuffer and DetachEventBuffer
  • Add DSOR_1440_540 to DFBScreenOutputResolution
  • Add IDirectFBSurface::MakeClient() and FrameAck()
  • Fixed DFBInputDeviceCapabilities naming, there was a naming clash with DFBImageCapabilities enum
  • Add IDirectFBSurface::GetColorSpace()
  • Add IDirectFBImageProvider::SetRenderFlags()
  • Add DSCAPS_GL to indicate surface data is stored in memory that can be accessed by a GL accelerator
  • Add DFBDisplayAspectRatio in caps and config of encoders
  • Add DSECAPS_ASPECT_RATIO to DFBScreenEncoderCapabilities
  • Add all_aspect_ratio in DFBScreenEncoderDescription
  • Add aspect_ratio in DFBScreenEncoderConfig
  • Add DSPF_LUT4 and DSPF_ALUT8, only definitions for now

Secure Fusion

  • In secure mode all skirmishs are gone
  • Performance improvements over non-secure mode

Compositor Support

  • New APIs allow compositor application to get access to surfaces and updates of other applications

Mesa incl multi app (experimental)

  • New system module with OpenGL based acceleration

Android (highly experimental)

  • New system module allowing DirectFB apps to run on Android

...many other changes, must read ChangeLog.

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