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2012-06-29   DirectFB 1.6.1, linux-fusion 8.10.2

This is the first maintainance release for the new DirectFB 1.6 series. It includes some bugfixes and many improvements to the (still experimental) android system and the gles2 driver. It also adds an always-indirect mode for the single application core, which uses a dispatcher thread and is needed for most systems using the gles2 gfxdriver.

Please find in the download section the following releases:

  • DirectFB 1.6.1
  • linux-fusion 8.10.2

The photo on the right shows the compositor with four applications, ALL running 2D accelerated at 60 fps (720p) on Broadcom 97425 SoC. Compositor output is synced to display. Total CPU load is only 22%!

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Changes for DirectFB 1.6.1


  • Set async attribute for CoreSurfaceClient::FrameAck(). This helps especially in always-indirect mode
  • Call InitIDirectFB_Async() synchronously if 'always-indirect' is not used, fixes calls from non-main in master
  • Fix preclipping for rotated text
  • Check surface identity when looking up surface.
  • Fix pointer being used instead of ID when comparing current with last allocation in acceleration code


  • Fix single app dispatch cleanup by calling it. (Fixes cursor motion in single app mode)
  • Add dispatcher thread for single-app which makes always-indirect mode work
  • Add reference counting for synchronous call pending in despatcher to avoid freeing call buffers too early

Default WM

  • Allow fullscreen updates when wm-fullscreen-updates option is set


  • workaround for interface loading problems with gcc-4.6 on x86 and x86-64 with no debug

Android System

  • Add gralloc surface pool (disabled by default, does not work on adreno based devices)
  • Add more examples, cleanup makefiles
  • Fixes to the android imageprovider
  • no longer hardcode pixelformat (ARGB/ABGR) and resolution
  • Use extra fbo for primary if ANDROID_USE_FBO_FOR_PRIMARY is set
  • force always-indirect
  • fix event handling (button up/down need to be prefixed by motion x/y)
  • Added update region callback to layer
  • handle all possible keycodes

PVR2D System

  • Fix error by making sure source rectangle is at least 1x1 in pvr2DStretchBlit

EGL System

  • allow other buffer modes than DLBM_FRONTONLY

GLES2 gfxdriver

  • Mirror y-coordinates for primary
  • Invert clipping coordinates when not rendering to an FBO.
  • Put color multiplication onto same line with gl_FragColor assignment, blending speed up by factor four!
  • Various fixes, optimizations and cleanups


  • Include GLES2_CFLAGS/LIBS also with EGL system.


  • dfbtest_flip: Add test for frame or time based animation using double/triple buffering.

Changes for linux-fusion 8.10.2

  • Cache up to 10 executions, do not free them, reuse valloc'ed memory (this fixes performance regressions introduced in linux-fusion
  • Fix severe memory alloc/free bug, moving waiters_list freeing BEFORE entry freeing!

You can find the release in the "Core" tab on the "Downloads" page.

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