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2013-07-11   DirectFB 1.7.0, linux-fusion 9.0.1 released

This is the first release for the DirectFB 1.7 series.
It includes major improvements and many bugfixes.

Please find in the download section the following releases:

  • DirectFB 1.7.0
  • linux-fusion 9.0.1
  • flux 1.4.3

Major new feature:

task-manager (must be enabled explicitly)

The task manager allows to automatically distribute rendering tasks over multiple cpu and/or gpu cores. There is an implementation for the generic (software) driver which can be configured with by setting software-cores= and task-manager options in the directfbrc.

Merged Projects

  • DirectFB-extra (missing bits)
  • SaWMan
  • FusionDale
  • FusionSound
  • DiVine
  • ++dfb

New APIs

  • Add IDirectFBSurface::DumpRaw() to dump raw pixel data of a surface to a file
  • Add IDirectFBSurface::GetFrameTime() to receive the timestamp for the next frame to be rendered
  • Add IDirectFBSurface::SetFrameTimeConfig() to configure GetFrameTime()
  • Add IDirectFBVideoProvider::SetDestination() to change the destination surface and/or destination rectangle during playback

New System Module

  • drm/kms

New ImageProviders

  • WebP
  • tiff

Tons of bugfixes and performance improvements...

There will be more documentation about the task manager and other enhancements or changes soon.

For details on the release please refer to the NEWS and ChangeLog files in the corresponding download directories

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