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2016-11-03   DirectFB returns

DirectFB is back online, but what was going on? Well, after I haven't paid the server fees, it has simply been deleted by the provider. This included all domains without any possibility to transfer them to a new provider. When the registration expired I was simply sleeping, but at least I got on a much cheaper server which will not end up the same way.

So what about the development status? My last big effort for DirectFB 1.8 was EGL United that implements the EGL API with support for different display (windowing system) types. For example, it is possible to just use the EGL United implementation of libEGL with an X11 binary and have it render into a DirectFB window. Same for Wayland integration. Most interesting is the Mesa implementation with DRM buffer management, or the EGLImage support using IDirectFBSurface. Somehow, I didn't finish EGL United, especially the X11 support was not fully working.

Anyhow, now that Vulkan has arrived, there's a lot more opportunity in the area of the Task Manager, which makes multi-threaded use of the graphics system (bad for OpenGL) and runs command buffer oriented. I guess there's a lot of work to be done in the future to have DirectFB run with Vulkan.

On the business side, I was lucky with projects til 2015, never had to care about acquiring new projects, they just came. Hopefully, there would be some DirectFB related projects again, which I can work for. Click on Contact in the menu for my new e-mail address.

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