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gtk3 demo

GTK+3.12 port running on DirectFB 1.8 with OpenGL ES2 acceleration via EGL United

DFBWeston 0001

Weston running on DirectFB with integration of native applications

photo of compositor and apps on Broadcom 97425

This photo shows the compositor with four applications, ALL running 2D accelerated at 60 fps (720p).

Compositor output is synced to display.
Total CPU load is only 22%!

Also check out the new video on this hardware.

ilixi compositor on Broadcom 97425

This shows a photograph of DirectFB 1.6.0 ilixi compositor demo running fully accelerated on Broadcom 97425 SoC!

XDirectFB revival

XDirectFB is back. Thanks to Ville Syrjala for updating the port to xorg-server-1.11!

Fenestra Forms

Showing Forms Test Application of the new Win32 based DirectFB SDK called Fenestra

Stereo Texture Triangles

Texturing example with stereo output, e.g. side-by-side via X11 second head on 3DTV

df andi secure

Slave processes map the shared memory pools (except those for pixel data) read only to increase security and safety. The penguin demo df_andi is already running!

Texture Triangles SW

New software implementation for IDirectFBSurface::TextureTriangles() and IDirectFBSurface::SetMatrix()

DirectFBGL2 Texture Surface

Demonstrating the new OpenGL interfaces for rendering to DirectFB Surfaces and using them as textures

VDPAU Video Particles

Good old df_video_particle demo running fully accelerated on VDPAU, for video decoding Xine for VDPAU is integrated as a video provider, no CPU copy of data at all

stereo andi

Penguin demo in stereo, rendering once for each eye and showing full HD frames on 3DTV via new API

WebKitDFB shot1

WebKitDFB showing a simple LiTE based application using WebKit on top of DirectFB in a LiTE Widget


Showing layer rotation (90° in this example) in conjunction with window rotation (270° for the window with the DirectFB logo), new features in DirectFB 1.3.0!


UniQuE window manager for DirectFB, adding common window borders around all windows with support for move, raise etc.

After almost four years it is back in development for DirectFB 1.3.x and will also be the basis for the new 'Compositing Screen Management' work in 2.0! More about that soon...

df dok mask

Benchmarking IDirectFBSurface::SetSourceMask()...

df andi matrix

Demonstrating IDirectFBSurface::SetMatrix()...

df matrix

Rotation, scaling and anti-aliasing demo (more)

DirectFB 3D Windows3

Demo of the new TextureTriangles() method using existing windows as textures (updated in real time)

DirectFB 3D Windows2

Demo of the new TextureTriangles() method using existing windows as textures (updated in real time)

DirectFB 3D Windows

Demo of the new TextureTriangles() method using existing windows as textures (updated in real time)


First screenshot of Qt on DirectFB


Another screenshot of Quake3 running on XDirectFB with hardware accelerated DirectFBGL

DirectFBGL DRI multi

Multiple hardware accelerated OpenGL applications


Hardware accelerated DirectFBGL application running in an ARGB window

XDirectFB ARGB Cursor

XFree ARGB cursors are supported


A native DirectFB browser application


Links webbrowser using a DirectFB backend

directfb on tuxscreen

DirectFB running on a telephone


DirectFB running in VMware

double nester kana

Multi application core running three native DirectFB applications

dfbsee video


slide and fade



The GIMP 1.3 on GTK+ for DirectFB

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