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XDirectFB Quake3

Quake3 running on XDirectFB with hardware accelerated DirectFBGL


Set-Top-Box Application running next to XDirectFB and two DirectFB Terminals


Cascading screenshot

XDirectFB Cursor

Shadows for any arbitrary cursors


kAWT showing three AWT windows with an alphachannel


VMware SVGA framebuffer driver

XDirectFB MultiApp

XDirectFB with multi app core enabled plus df_window

XDirectFB Rootless2

XDirectFB, two videos playing, transparency, low CPU usage

XDirectFB Rootless Shaped

XDirectFB with shaped window support, low CPU usage

XDirectFB Rootless

Rootless X on DirectFB under development

ten videos

Ten blended MPEG2 Videos playing without frame drop

multi app

Upcoming Multi Application Core running four applications


OpenGL in a window with an alpha channel

gimp multi

The GIMP 1.3 with plugins using the DirectFB multi application core

gtk themed alpha

GTK+ using the "directfb-engine", a fast pixmap engine implementation using advanced DirectFB graphics operations

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