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LiTE is a Toolkit Engine

LiTE Screenshot LiTE stands for LiTE is a Toolbox Engine. Its role is to facilitate the functions of DirectFB so that a toolkit could be written on top of DirectFB with less effort. As such LiTE has abstractions for the underlying graphics and event systems.

Here are some words that Foleo analyst David Beers said about DirectFB/LiTE: "I've spent some time with the Foleo operating system and it's a very nice piece of work, too. I'd go so far as to say that Palm's lightweight DirectFB windowing system sets a new standard of responsiveness and simplicity for mobile Linux. As far as I can see, it would have made a great smartphone OS." Thank you!

An older comment: "If you have hardware acceleration you should have a look at the examples of LiTE. Especially resizing windows is so fluid that the CPU is idling while waiting for the next packet from the mouse..."

To be continued... also check the Wiki Page! / Platform / LiTE