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This is a very old and incomplete list of projects using DirectFB:


DirectFB has been choosen as the main graphics engine for the Blinkenlights simulator blinkensim from the very beginning.


ByzantineOS is a software Internet Appliance with a home entertainment bias. It's using DirectFB with XDirectFB, they have some nice screenshots.


ClanLib has a DirectFB display/input target. So the original ClanBomber runs on DirectFB, too.


DirectVNC is a client implementing the remote framebuffer protocol (rfb) which is used by VNC servers. If a VNC server is running on a machine you can connect to it using this client and have the contents of its display shown on your screen.


FreeSCI is a free interpreter for Sierra On-Line games. It includes a DirectFB driver for console based playing.


KXL-DirectFB is a ported version of KXL-0.5.6, a simple 2D gaming library. You also need the patched version of geki2 and geki3 (images converted to png).


Most people only know Links as a good text-browser for the console. However there's also an experimental graphics mode. DirectFB is supported since the 2.1pre9 release.
Links download page


MPlayer is a versatile movie player for Linux that plays numerous video formats. A DirectFB backend has been added in December 2001. Ville Syrjälä maintains a special version that is able to generate high quality TV output using a Matrox G400 card.


A new application based on DirectFB called Morphine.TV is developed by "a team of 5 Developers from Berlin". They "develop a HTPC Solution for the Linux Framebuffer with a new type of user interface (e.g. transparent interface)".


MythTV is a PVR application which supports DirectFB now, too.


Qingy is a replacement of getty. Written in C, it uses DirectFB to provide a fast, nice GUI without the overhead of the X Windows System. It allows the user to log in and start the session of his choice (text console, gnome, kde, wmaker, ...).

Qt on DirectFB

qt-directfb is a GPLed DirectFB port of Qt based on Qt-X11 3.2.


SDL, the Simple DirectMedia Layer, is a library abstracting different platforms for game writers. It has a DirectFB backend utilizing all possible hardware acceleration.


SPB-Linux is a small, stable, up to date linux mini distribution which runs completely in ramdisk. It uses XDirectFB and Mozilla for graphical web browsing and also includes DFBSee and DirectVNC.


A demo player/loader using hardware accelerated stretched blits are used for smaller resolutions than available. Download iXalance for DirectFB (and other targets). Original GGI/PTC/SDL version is available at the iXalance SDL project page. You will need MIDAS with SDL for sound, also available on that page. Next interesting project is to write a Video Provider of it, to use 'dfbsee file.ixa' ;)


The Universal Home API (UHAPI) removes the complexity of media processing and underlying A/V tasks, makes applications completely hardware independent (from a programmer's perspective), and can dramatically reduce the time and effort associated with developing connected applications for Connected Home Devices. The UHAPI, in conjunction with the operating system and networking libraries, comprises the complete program environment for customers and independent software vendors.

UHAPI and DirectFB fit together nicely, as you can read in one of their white papers.


wyoDesktop is an effort to create a graphical desktop environment where an ordinary user immediately feels comfortable through the use of a well designed and consistent look and feel. / Projects / Other