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Input Drivers


Yes. We have a keyboard driver. Uses the kernel's translation table.


There is a driver for (Im)PS/2 mice, USB and ADB mice are supported through the PS/2 emulatation of the new Linux input layer.
Serial mice with the following protocols are supported:
Microsoft two or three buttons, MouseMan, MouseSystems


All joysticks supported by Linux should work.

Linux Input

As an alternative to the drivers listed above, we provide a driver for the Linux Input system that handles input events as delivered by the /dev/input/eventX devices.

dbox2 Remote Control (obsolete)

The new and the old model of the dbox2 remote control can be used with DirectFB. This driver is obsolete, since the dbox2 remote now uses the linux input system, you have to use DirectFB's linux input driver instead.


All remote controls supported by LIRC can be used with DirectFB. Simply name your keys (in the lirc config file) like the DFBInputDeviceKeySymbol does without the "DIKS_" prefix, e.g. "OK", "MENU" or "CURSOR_UP".

iPAQ Touchscreen

The H3600 Touchscreen as found in the Compaq iPAQ is supported; it produces axis events with absolute values.

ucb1x00 Touchscreen

DirectFB supports touchscreens based on the ucb1x00 chip. These are for example used in the Tuxscreen device.

Microtouch Touchscreen

There is an input driver for Microtouch serial touchscreens.

Sony PI Jogdial

The Sony PI Jogdial (Vaio Notebooks) can be used as a third mouse button and mouse wheel. / Support / Input